What’s the point of living for an eternity? You sit. You watch. You’ve seen hundreds of empires rise and fall. You know how it happens, can see the climax and then utter destruction of a civilization, but do you do anything? No. You are too self absorbed in your whining to help anyone. But what’s the point if the only thing left standing at the end is you? 

I’m watching us now. I can see the world shifting again like it did with the Romans or the Egyptians. It’s all coming to an end. People are calling this the apocalypse, or “The Rapture,” but it isn’t. This is how life is. It gives and it takes. It rewards, and it punishes. But why care about any of this? I’m on my phone, as I assume you or some other kind of technology. The old can never be happy with the young. We get a new game that actually gets people out, walking, talking, just interacting with each other and it’s a waste of time. Obviously you don’t remember when the newspaper was big, or fans for the women. Everything is changing and people will only complain. Create the first language and you’re a lunatic, but then they take the credit and you’re out. 

Maybe that is why I left them. Why I am now secluded in a cave. I couldn’t take it. Let them reap what they have sewn for it all comes down in the end anyway. Time is the true destroyer, but that’s all I have. Time

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