The Daily Post

Just keep going. Just keep going. Just a few more miles. Just a few more and I’ll pass Vik and I’ll survive. We need to get out of this. Moira needs the money. He shifts and zips passed Vik’s car trapped in a barbed wire bomb. Vik’s out. I can breathe freely again. I’m so sorry.

A rest stop comes up on the right. Arthur pulls off the road to recuperate his nerves for the up-coming strip. Diagnostics of the next part of the road came up on the display in his car. “It’s the molten cavern district. Extreme heat, explosions, lava, and more await you on this path. Suggestions to survive are to remain cool, avoid melting, and mind the cracks. Two people have perished here. Learn from them. Memorize. That is all.” The display said.

Mike looked at the screen, remembering where the skulls were marked. Poor souls. Mike pressed the heat shield button. A coating of water covers the car, and the AC whirs. Maybe I can take some shut-eye and wait for morning. I just need to survive a couple more districts. I can do this.

The sun breaks through the clouds, Mike revs the engine and leaves the rest area. A sign says Molten Cavern as he continues down the road. On the screen, a map shows his progress and the end. About ten miles. Mike drives around a river of molten lead that flows down a shaft hidden in the middle of the road. The AC is keeping him cool, but patches of sweat still blotch his shirt. I’ll have to take this off soon if I’m not careful. The sweat continues to drip even with everything on in the car. Mike Takes off his shirt and throws it into the passenger seat. He barely runs close to a crack in the road and his front right tires pops.

Damn. Now I have to go fix that. Mike tries to step out of the car, but his shoe sticks to the pavement. Better not go out there. A flashing button appears of a tire. He presses it and the front right rises back to normal. Okay then, that’s new. He continues with the new tire as an explosion happens behind him. In the mirror he sees the shaft for the molten lead had widened and someone had fallen in. Another skull appeared on his screen and left. I need to get out of here. Mike shifted into gear and left, driving around anything that looked remotely like a crack, a hole, or anything with heat waves coming off. The water was beginning to run out for his car.

Come on, come on. Almost there. His map was glitching, a trap that was there, disappeared. Mike didn’t notice the slight change. He was running right into a river of lava. A geyser was building close to where he was driving. Mike triggered the trap.

Another skull appeared on the map and left.

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