Alexander awoke to find himself bound to a wooden contraption. His arms and legs were bound underneath him. He couldn’t move a muscle. He tried to struggle, but only the chink chink of the chain broke the silence. “Hello. Is anyone there?” Alexander called out.

A door creaked open somewhere and a crack of light lit up a wall. “I don’t think you remember what you did, Alexander, but this is for Christine. You monster.” The door creaked shut.

“Christine? My fiance? What about her? What about her?!” He yelled. Christine had left a week ago and hasn’t been seen since. Alexander and her had a fight before she left. Everyone thinks he killed her.

Why me? He thinks as he tries again to hopefully break free from his bonds.

Scratch scratch scratch. Scratch scratch scratch. A mouse scurries over and sniffs Alexander’s hand. He tries to hit it away, but the mouse bites him and runs away. He’s stuck here.

It hasn’t been long, but his muscles have begun to ache. Too long in one position, and the pain can be unbearable. That’s because of the acid. The acid builds up in the system, and eventually it will burn its way out. Alexander lied there for ages. He began to moan as the pain in his limbs started to become unbearable. Soon the acid was eating at his muscle tissue, then the fat. He began screaming then. No matter how much he screamed or begged, no one came. There was no food, so his stomach was also fighting an inward battle to keep him alive. Everything was breaking down.

When the first drop of acid came through his pores, Alexander was numb. He cried. But was numb. This was it. He was dying. And why shouldn’t he? He did kill her, and she was good enough to eat too.

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