The Daily Post

Zack quickly walked down the sidewalk. He had Pokémon Go open and on the hunt for a Shelder. There was only one print next to the silhouette when the bushes to his right rustled. The print went away and the Shelder showed up  where the bushes are on the screen of his phone. Zack tried to get closer to hopefully catch the Shelder. As he went to click on the Pokémon, the bushes rattled again.

The Shelder came up on the screen with pokéballs to throw. Zack kept trying, but the balls would either go over the shelder or around it. He moved closer to the bushes in frustration, seeing if closing the distance would do anything. As his last pokéball caught the Shelder, something came out of the bushes. It ran up to Zack and crawled on his back, hanging onto his throat. It zapped him and Zack’s heart went into cardiac arrest. He was having a heart attack at 19 and no one to help him. He tried to scream, but the creature clawed at his throat as the noise tried to escape.

He fell onto the ground as the thing jumped off him and crawled back into the bushes. It was a mangy, yellow and had some reddish-brown stripes on its back. It was a Pikachu. Zack thought. But it was only a game. Was his last thought as he died in the exact spot a seven year old was bullied for being on a different team than the older boys, and died from his wounds. This kid’s favorite Pokémon was Pikachu.

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