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“Yes.” The receptionist looked up from their book, tapping their nails on the front desk.

“We are looking for a room for the night.”

“We’re all booked.”

“…But there’s no one here. There isn’t even anyone at the bar.” The couple looked up to the empty bar and back again.

“Yes, well even though it might not look like it, we are–”

“C’mon man, you gotta have something.” Slips a twenty towards the receptionist. They take it.

“Hmm. Well there is the room we’re never supposed to. Room 413 it is. Please follow me.” Ivan came out from behind the desk and beckoned them forward. They all walked across the old carpet to the elevator. They stepped in with Ivan and he closed the grate. He pressed the button for the fourth floor, and it shutters, then moves up.


Ivan opened the grate and exits. “Now, if you hear anything, don’t worry. The walls are a little thin, and as I said, we are full.”

“Then why is this room still available.”

“Well, you bribed me.” Ivan stops walking at the door to the room. The Plaque is a bit tarnished, but still looks in good condition. He open the door and puts his hand out to hand over the key. “Don’t worry, everything is fine.”

“Ugh, if you say so.” They enter the room and close the door.

Sigh. “Assholes.” Ivan walked back to the elevator, opened it, and went back down.

“Can you believe this? Two hundred for this run down place?”

“I know, but everywhere else was booked. C’mon. This’ll be fine. Just think of it as an antique.”

“Yeah, a broken Antique.”

“Oh come on. Let’s just go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow anyway.” The man grabs her arm and pulls her to the bed. They fall back in a tangle of limbs.

“No tv, guess we’ll just have to entertain ourselves.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” He said and kissed her. As they fooled around on the bed something began to scratch the wall close to the door. A crack hidden behind a huge ugly stain groaned open. Neither of the two noticed as they were entangled in each other. A think man crept out from the hole in the wall. He had a cloth covering one of his eyes, his teeth were ground to points.

“A fresh meal just for me? Heh heh heh.”

Contrary to what Ivan told them. The room was sound proof.


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