The Daily Post

The ground flew up in bits all around them. The enemy was shooting explosive mortars at them. Jack and Henry were the last two to survive. Henry saw the on-coming line of soldiers and turned to go back where they came from.

“No. You can’t turn back. They will kill you.”

“How is it treason if we run away to fight another day?”

“Because you did not give the fight your all. It’s more dishonorable to run away, than to die a warriors death.”

“That’s insane. How is any of this logical?” Henry holds his head in his hands as he crouches from the explosions. With a brief respite, Henry once again looked behind them to leave.

“One step and I’ll shoot.”

“We’ve been in the front lines together for two years. You’re going to shoot me over this? After everything we’ve gone through? Come with me.” Henry reached out his hand for Jack to take. “We’ll escape. You’ll never see another bullet or explosion again.”

“But how can you be sure? The enemy has most likely surrounded us by now. We won’t make it by them, let alone if our soldiers find us retreating.” Jack says but takes Henry’s open hand anyway. That same warmth spread between the two of them that has kept them going the two years they’ve been fighting with each other.

“Just trust me. We’ll make it and we’ll travel the seas until we find a place we can’t leave.” Henry pulls jack to him and they kiss. He’s never been so blatant with his affection until now.

“Okay, let’s go.” Jack kisses him back and they retreat, but try to doge both groups of soldiers. They didn’t want to be found by anyone.

*  *   *

“How is your mimosa honey?” Henry asked Jack.

“It’s delicious, just like you.” Jack said and leaned forward to kiss Henry. “Thank god we found this tiny island. What is it called again?”

“I believe it’s Ogygia, or something like that. I don’t know, I don’t understand Greek.” Henry told Jack and laid on the lounge chair with him.

“Such a lovely place.” And they lived on, forever.

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