This isn’t going to be a story, but a reflection from hanging out with my mom’s friends from high school. I have noticed that whether it’s my friends, my uncle’s neighbors, or my mom’s friends, whenever a group of old friends get together, everything reverts to being together. The hum-drum of every day life and outside of hanging out is just gone. Kind of like a mini vacation. I just think it’s interesting how we, in a group, just completely change from how we are every other day. I’m having a party of my own next week and I can’t wait to see what happens there. Tonight was really fascinating and fun.

5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. When you are with friends, it is amazing what will change. I think being around friends makes people (in general) more confident. Plus speaking in terms of sociology (most people) tend to feel safer in groups, doubly so if they are among other souls who understand them and who they trust.

    Great post! ^_^

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      1. One might say it was Pretty Wicked Sweet! (Well aware of grammatical incorrectness. Capitalization intentional.) The world is an interesting place. People are interesting to observe. Life is a beautiful thing.


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