I love The Daily Post.

Turns to Billy. “True or false? The aircraft was invented first, then the parachute.”


“Correct, the Chinese began using parachutes in 291 in their acrobatic stunts.” Turns to Jane. “True or false? The English drive on the left side of the road, because in the middle ages knights were riding on the left side of the road. This allowed them to use their weapons better and quicker.”


“Correct.” Turns to Dale. “True or false? Horse men statues speak a secret language. When the horse stands on his 4 legs the rider died a natural death, if the horse rears on his 2 legs, the rider died on the battle field.”


“Correct.” Turns to Tina. “True or false? In Australia, the tail of the kangaroo is used in a “gourmet soup.”


“Incorrect. The tail is used in indiginous soups.” Turns to Sam.

“Oh god n–” Ahhh! Tina cried out in pain. Blood dripped on the floor below her.

Sam swallows. “True or false? If you want to check the freshness of an egg, plunge the egg into Salt water. If the egg sinks and stays at the bottom, the egg is fresh. If the egg floats in the water, is not fit anymore for consumption.”


“That is not a correct designated answer. Please say either true or false.”

“Oh god, True.”

“Correct.” Turns to Billy. “True or false? In Japan, they drive on the left side of the road.”


“Incorrect.” Turns to Jane.

“Oh god! Why me? Ahh!” Billy cried out in pain. More blood dripped on the floor.

Jane looks at the machine hanging from the ceiling. “True or false? The average person will shed approximately ten pounds of dead skin in their lifetime.”


“Correct. The average person sheds around fourty pounds of dead skin in their lifetime.” A chime goes off. “Time for a small break. When we come back, see who will win the billion florines, who will survive, and if you’re lucky, maybe a death or two. Tune back in after the commercials.” Once this was said, the machine falls limp for a brief amount of time.

“Billy. Tina. Are you okay?”

“No. Would you be okay with a bloddy spike in your spine?”

Tina just weeps.

“How long do we have?”

“The last commercial break was ten minutes, so I’d say seven more until Hell comes back.”

“What if we refuse to play the game? We didn’t sign up for this, they took us.”

“Then you die.”

“Like the last group. I saw it on TV myself. They all cried out and went limp. Blood pooled under all of them.” The little light on the machine began to blink.

“How do we survive this then?”

“All but one has to be incorrect at least once. The last person wins the billion credits.”

“Three of us left. I don’t care about the credits. I want out of here alive. Fight amongst yourselves.”

The machine comes back on and moves back to Dale. “Welcome back viewers, and what a pleasure it is. Let’s continue. True or false? A horseshoe crab’s blood is red.”

Dale looks at same and Jane. “True.”

“Incorrect.” Turns to Tina.

“Ugh!” Blood forms below Dale.

“True or false? The world’s oldest tree is over 9000 years old.”


“Incorrect. The oldest tree is calculated to be 9550.” Turns to Sam.

“Oh no! Ahh!” More blood pooled under Tina. Her legs couldn’t move anymore.

“True or false? The world record for a human to hold their breath underwater is 8 minutes 27 seconds.”

Sam looks at Jane. “I’m done too. True.”

“Incorrect, and with that. We have our winner!” The contraption around Jane unlatches, but everyone else stays in theirs. Everyone else screamed as Jane was sent free. She looked around and they were all limp.

“I thought only one had to win, and everyone else would be set free. What have you done?” She screamed.

“Are you ready for your billion credits? Smile!” A flash went off with her arm flashing over a billion.

“You’re just a machine aren’t you?”

“Tune in next time! Thank you all for watching. Until then, bye!” And the machine turned off. Jane was left by herself while four bodies were lowered into the tubes they were standing on.

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