Darkness In the Old House

I really love the words The Daily Post uses for their one word prompts!

As the sun fell across the horizon, three teenagers gazed at an abandoned house. There was the typical rumors of how the original owners went missing, or the wife went crazy and killed the children, baked them  for dinner and fed them to her husband, but no one could find proof of any of these accounts.

“Guys. I’m not sure if we should go in there.” Jake says to the others. He looks at the house and the hair on his arms stand tall. Something is in there.

“Oh stop being such a whiney baby. We’ll be fine.” Sarah says back. She thinks Jake is telling the truth, but doesn’t want to look afraid in front of the other two.

“We’re here, so we might as well go in.” Steven says and moves towards the house. It had only just been built twenty years ago, but now it looked misshapen and rundown. The rest follow him up the sidewalk to the front door. A sign that says “POSTED: Do not enter. Private Property.” hangs on the middle of the door. “C’mon guys, it’s fine.” Steven says, turns the door handle and the door creaks open with a slight push.”Voilà. After you.” Steven grabs Sarah and gently pushes her inside.

“Hey. Don’t do that.” Sarah says all ruffled from the push. She looks around. A staircase swirls up to the second floor on the left. Open doorways breached both sides of the foyer. to the living space and the dinning room. “Wow. It’s beautiful in here.”

“Guys, we really shouldn’t be here.” Says Jake.

“And why not? Afraid of a few ghosts? OOOooooooo.” Steven says and chases Jake around the foyer.


“Who closed the door?” Sarah asks.

“Not me.” Steven says.

“Nor I.” Says Jake.

“Great. Maybe this place really is haunted.” Sarah says as she steps closer to the boys. They all shivered as a chill ran through them.

“Something is here. In this very–” Jake vanishes through the floor.

“JAKE!” Sarah and Steven yell where he was standing. Steven goes over and touches the floor, looking for a trap door but there wasn’t one.

“Ste-Steven?” Sarah says and points to something behind him.

“What? OH MY GOD. NO.” Steven yells as the demon grabs him and drags his body to the wall. His body slams into the ceiling, falls, then slams up again and falling with a final thud.

Sarah tries to scream, but the demon grabs her throat and wrips out her esaphagus. Blood spurts everywhere as she tries to breathe.

“Three more down.” The demon says as the bodies vanish, all the while, a cell phone vibrates with mom on the front where one of the bodies layed before.


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