“Blain, can you do anything?”

“Just give me a moment. I need to connect all of them in my web.” Blain concentrated on the bodies on the ground. He could see the electric fields around their bodies, but they were diminishing. He had to do this and quickly. Blain drew lines connecting himself with all of the bodies he could see. Through these, he worked some magic and electricity flowed through all of them from his own field. Blain could feel the force around him grow as well as the ones around the bodies. He stood up and they all mechanically tried to stand up as well.

“Isn’t even the first time I’ve seen this and it still sends shivers down my spine. But I still love you.”

“I love you too, but right now, let’s give our enemies something to dream about in the forthcoming nights.” Blain made the re-animated opposing knights face him and salute.

“Still not used to it.””Shh.” He moved towards the corpses and raised Yorutengu into the air. The corpses mimicked his stance and turned towards their living brethren. “Give them nightmares.” The bodies dashed forward faster than when they were alive. Swords slashed, maces obliterated, no one was safe. One of the enemy soldiers screamed as a katana cut his head clear off and continued to scream as his energy was connected to Blain’s web. With this in tow, the rest of the soldiers risked desertion over trying to fight their fallen brothers.

“That’s right, run.” Blain yelled to those still alive. “Ah!” Blain cried out. His legs buckled from underneath him. Something cut through his web. “We are not alone Malek.” The ground sighed as the corpses thumped back to the ground.


“I don’t know, they cut my web.”

A figure comes out from behind a tree. “I see you boys have been busy.”

“Madame Karina. A pleasure to see you again, teacher.” Blain blinked and she was right in front of him, Serumas at his throat.

“Now now Blain, what did I tell you about trying to hard?”

“It would kill me someday.” Malek twitched but Blain put his hand out to calm him. “It’s okay Malek, she won’t kill me, at least, not today.”

“You think so?”

“You need me for this war. I know you do.” He said as the blade gently nipped at his skin.

“I wish it weren’t true, but the king needs your help.”

“The one that banished me?”

“For killing half your class, yes, that one.”

“I’m surprised he’s still kicking. What’s the problem?”

“He needs your, ability, to end this war. You just proved you can’t fight the dead as easily as the living.”

“I’ll have to think about–” Serumas cuts a little deeper. “Okay okay, get your dog off me, I’ll help. Where?”

“At the Grand Cathedral. You know the chamber.” She lowered Serumas and leapt back. “Meet us there and you’ll see.” With that, Madame Karina dissolved into flower petals.

“Damn that’s cool.” Malek went over to Blain to check the bleeding. It’s already stopped and a thin, pink line formed where the cut was.

“Looks like I’m going home.”

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