Forbidden Looks

Here’s another one from the one-word prompt from The Daily Post

There she was. The most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Silver-blonde hair, high cheek bones, beautiful legs. I just had to have her.

I knew where she worked. She walked into ‘Dresses Most Chic’ at eight in the morning and left at half after four. She always wore the most delicious dresses, I wondered if she was a model or a designer for them. I knew she was the one, she had just the right curves, and everything stayed in place while she sauntered to and from the large building ever day.

One day I accidentally bumped into her while she was on her way to work. We both said excuse me, sorry, and moved along. She had the most amazing voice, almost like a morning dove. I stared as she sauntered away again, a little bit faster though, probably afraid she’ll be late to work.

At last, I think I finally found the one. I hope to take her tonight after work. She was talking on the phone yesterday how she had a project to finish, so she would have to stay late. I hoped it was into the night.

As the moon rose, one of the lights in the building finally went out just like all the rest, and I knew she was done. I got everything ready. I just needed to get her by surprise and knock her out. I can’t ruin that beautiful skin, so I’ll have to use a chemical to do it. Even if she doesn’t breathe for a few minutes, that’s okay. I can fix her.

The moment finally arrives, she leaves through the rotating door onto the sidewalk. I move from the shadows across the street. She doesn’t even see me. I cross the road and close the space between us before she can even hear my footsteps. I place the rag over her mouth and plug her nose so she has to breathe in whatever is on the rag. She struggles, but can’t resist for long and crumbles into my arms. She’s mine!

I take her back to my apartment and to the room on the roof. Everything is prepared. I just need enough electricity to bring her back. I place her on the table. Her skin looks as porcelain. Her mouth agape in fright is ugly, so I close it. I hope she did not suffer from the stuff on the rag. I brush the hair from the side of her face as I look at her blood-tinged eyes. “You will awake more beautiful than you were before.” I tell her and go to the switch.

“Through death breathes new life.”

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