Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out at some point late this year or next, and because of this, I went back and made a new game in the original PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts. When it first came out, I LOVED the game. I had a little experience with Final Fantasy, but I loved Disney, so I immediately fell in love with the game.  When I first played it, I don’t know how I didn’t get annoyed with this, but the camera controls make absolutely no sense. Using the R2 and L2 buttons to move the camera is not cohessive, especially when you had the ability to use the R3 (the right joystick.) I really hope they put out a collection like they did with the PS3, but really just KH 1 & 2. The spinoffs don’t really help with the story, and actually aren’t that well made, aka KH 365/2 Days. Replaying the original, although somewhat annoying, I have remembered what it was like back in those days, and I really missed games like this. I can’t wait for KH3 and to see what they have added to the KH universe.

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