This is based on the daily post‘s one word prompt for today.

The line moved in janky, mechanical spurts. What are we anymore? I watch the line move in front of me through the slits in the blank mask I wear. How did the world come to this? Only a select few being able to think. To feel. Everyone else are just puppets. We control them to do whatever we want. At first only a few people were converted to blank face. But as the government began to realize the power they could hold with more blanks, more people were converted. Soon only specific government officials and the Overwatchers held their own.

The blanks did anything you told them. Tell them to jump, they jump. Tell them to fall…they fall. You could tell some still struggled to keep their humanity, but in the end they went back in line. But then something odd happened. A few broke away. They left and created their own camps and small communities. They weren’t supposed to feel. These few completely undermined the power the government held so they were hunted like animals. I was watching the line for any irregularities. One mis-step. One false move of the head and they were gone. A kid, probably around eleven, marched with the others into the light, but he looked at me. His face was blank, but I knew he could see me. I blew my whistle and he ran.

One of my fellow Overwatchers and I chased him down. She shot him with an entangler which sprang out of the gun and latched onto the boy’s arm, bringing him to us. He looked at me again, although his face was blank, I think I saw fear. Bang. Something red oozed out of the hole in the blank’s face. What has happened to us?

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