His breath froze in his chest. The blood drained from his face as he placed everything he needed for the ritual in the box. His hands shook as he grabbed the small spade to dig a whole big enough to put the tiny box in. I watched from a distance to see what he was doing. What was that? There, in that man’s shadow. There was a jump in the shadow, and then it seemed to flood over the edges. There wasn’t much to see from here, but it looked like a portal opened in that man’s shadow. What a ridiculous human. Something grew out of the hole. Whatever it was, grabbed the man and spun him around to face it. The only that would come to mind as to what this creature was, was a demon. That idiot! Humans are so stupid; thinking demons don’t have hidden agendas underneath every single contract is dangerous! You have to be precise with what you want, and make sure no other human is in your way, or else they will die. Wishing, dealing with demons, and even being blessed by angels is tricky.

Anyway, the man stepped closer to the demon. All he could smell was the tang of dried blood and a small whiff of sulfur. The stupid human stepped away, obviously just getting done with telling it what he wanted. Not a sign of fear on his face; this is what he wanted. The demon reaches inside his long black overcoat and takes out a piece of rolled up parchment. It unrolls the long contract to the very end, where there is a signature line for the man to put his name on. He didn’t read the contract! The man snatched the quill pen, which appeared out of thin air, and signed on the small line at the bottom. As soon as the tip touched the paper, a strong pain stabbed the man’s finger; the pen was taking his blood and using it as ink. He was signing the contract in blood. The red liquid dripped down a little as the man signed the parchment. As soon as he was done, the pen retracted whatever it was that stabbed him, and burst into flames. The man dropped it as quick as lightning, not knowing the flames would not have hurt him. The parchment rolled up on itself, and was sealed by wax in midair. The man’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as the demon kissed him, the only way to seal the deal. A small white light flashed between him and the demon; at least that is all I could see. The man’s eyes went back to normal, looking into the demon’s. All he could see was darkness, nothing but darkness. The demon shook the man’s hand and vanished in a swirl of shadows.

The man looked around, slightly confused. One of the stipulations with any contract with a supernatural being, is you lose your memory of the whole event. This is to ensure the magical being’s and the magical community’s secrecy clause. Normal humans are not meant to know they exist. The magical/supernatural community thrives because of the glamour shield between our world, and theirs. Only a handful of people can see through the glamour, even though none are supposed to. It’s not easy having these abilities; seeing things no one else does. They send you away. To a white place. A place with white pillows all over. The people are so nice here.

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