The Conjuring 2

So I saw The Conjuring 2 last Thursday and yesterday, and I just have to say it was pretty well done. One of my friend’s started dozing off in the middle, but I think it was well paced. The action begins right away with a look into the Amityville case Ed and Lorraine looked into to see if it was demon activity, or if the man just killed his family. Then we meet the Hodgson family in Enfield, England. The action moves on from there and the jump scares begin fairly quickly as well. The only part of the movie, that I think makes it not as good as the first, is the cgi for The Crooked Man. It was horrendous. At the end though, the demon was really well done, so we know they can do the cgi nicely, but only for the demon? I would also suggest looking at the bookshelf when Lorraine is having her vision with the demon at her home, as that will bring in something fairly interesting towards the end. I think The Conjuring 2 was very well done, from a plot standpoint, I don’t really know about cinematography and such, but I love James Wan, and I can’t wait for his next movie!

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